Ruffles Maxi Sundress
Ruffles Maxi Sundress
Ruffles Maxi Sundress

Ruffles Maxi Sundress

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Lovely long ruffle dress, high neck collar and ankle length. Button closure and side pocket.

Polyester + spandex 

Machine wash on cold water and air dry.

(S) Bust 37.4in Shoulder 14.5in Waist 41.7in Hem 79.1in Length 52.4in

(M) Bust 39.4in Shoulder 15in Waist 43.7in Hem 81.5in Length 53.1in

(L) Bust 41.3in Shoulder 15.5in Waist 45.7in Hem 83.9in Length 53.9in

(XL) Bust 43.3in Shoulder 15.9in Waist 47.6in Hem 86.2in Length 54.7in

(2XL) Bust 45.3in Shoulder 16.4in Waist 49.6in Hem 88.6in Length 55.5in

(3XL) Bust 47.2in Shoulder 16.9in Waist 51.6in Hem 90.9in Length 56.3in

(4XL) Bust 49.2in Shoulder 17.4in Waist 53.5in Hem 93.3in Length 57.1in

(5XL) Bust 51.2in Shoulder 17.9in Waist 55.5in Hem 95.7in Length 57.9in